Relief from Nagging Pains

Neurology an important field of medicine deals with the diseases and disorders of the nervous system. Nervous system, comprising of the brain, spine and nerves is a complex network in our body which are all interconnected to control the functions of our body. Damage or discomfort to the nervous system affects our body functions like mobility, speech, eating, and respiration. Losing the ability to learn and remember is another crucial consequence of these disorders. Neural illnesses may result in memory loss and loss of our sensory functions.

Though neurological treatments existed since long, it became an official subject of study in the 16th century. Extensive research in the field of neuro science since, has reduced the mortality rates due to neurological problems. Diseases and disorders, which were once considered fatal are now seen in a different and curable light. Most of them can be treated with surgical or non-surgical procedures. The dark days of spine and brain problems are seeing a new light of the day.

Dr. Avneesh Gupte along with his team of expert doctors is taking the Spine & Brain Clinic to new heights. Located in Pune India, the clinic raises the bar to take up the challenging neural cases each day with courage. Collectively working towards finding the simple and highly effective solution, the team of doctors provides an extraordinary service. Their prime agenda throughout remains the comfort and satisfaction of their patients through effective treatment and rehabilitation, so each one of them can resume their normal lives, that are free from any influence of back pains.

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